For starters…

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

This “blog” is basically a dumping ground for my thoughts. Pure narcissism. Like the rest of the Web. ¬†Spitting in the wind, so to speak.

This won’t be a place where I’m too self-indulgent–that’s basically reserved for my visual/concrete poetry. But once in a while, I guess, I’ll get abstruse and abstract.

Mostly, I’ll be commenting on stuff I’m reading, and how that affects what I’m trying to do with my work.

I’m not a poet. ¬†I’m an anti-poet. There are so many self-described “poets” out on the inter-tubes. I really don’t see the point of adding to the great mountain of artistes.

Really, I’m just an amateur trying to get off on the creative process. We all have that urge.


Author: drewbdavid

Editor of Angry Old Man Magazine.

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